Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Three Little Pigs Video

Ok, so maybe this doesn't sound very interesting, but you GOTTA watch it!!!
I just saw it on someone else's blog, an it is well worth watching!!
Here's a challenge: See if you can watch the entire video without laughing.

Well, how did you do? haha! =D

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello again, readers!

I have MANY posts waiting to be uploaded. However, I am set on publishing them in chronological order, and the next ones to go up are sitting on my laptop. And my adapter died. So, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until I buy a new adapter...I am watching a few on Trade Me, so I'm HOPING you won't have to wait too much longer!

But, in the meantime, I thought I'd let you all (or should I say y'all? lol) know what I'm currently up to.

I started school (as in homeschool) today. Yeah, my mum thinks I'm weird too! =) Honestly, I just can't seem to stay away from it...so why exactly am I planning on graduating at the end of next year? haha 
With all the work I want to get through before then, though, I should be more than ready to finish!

Athletics starts again tomorrow. It'll be nice to be back, but it will shorten the amount of time I have for getting school done.

On Wednesday I'll be at work with Dad (oh great, I gotta get up at 6am!), and on Thursday communion begins at our church. That means morning and evening services on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and one last service on Monday morning. Hopefully we'll be able to have people over during that time (people come from Australia and throughout New Zealand for communion). The challenge of juggling church, school work, making sure church-clothes for everyone are clean and ironed, and keeping the house clean for having people over will be interesting! =)

I really need to go to bed, but just quickly, I FINALLY managed to start Starlight and Time by Dr. Russell Humphreys the other day. I've been wanting to read this book for ages, so its really nice to read it now! The information has become out-dated, but the book was mentioned in the science curriculum I use. Next on my reading list is Starlight, Time, and the New Physics by Dr. John Hartnett.

Really gotta go now!

G'night all,

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Guess what?

If the law hadn't changed....


Ahh freaky!! And I don't even have half the recommended hours logged! Oh well, another few months to work on that..! =)

*yawn* G'night everybody =)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Peer into the Past 2011

Peer into the Past, the Manukau HomeSchool Support Group's annual history fair, was held on the last Thursday of term 2, 2011.
This year (er, last year!) I didn't feel particularly inspired about any topic for a project, so I just kept putting it off. About two weeks before the fair I realised there was no way I could do a project and keep up with all my 'normal' school work; I would have to take the time until the fair off my other work, so I could concentrate solely on my project. I decided I couldn't really afford to do that, so I didn't do a project. Consequently,  I must have had plenty of free time, you say? Well, no, actually. On top of my school work (yeah that takes a bit of time!) I helped the others a bit with their projects (Jarrod, Monique and Danielle entered this last year), and cooked the dinners for five nights or so before the fair, so Mum could concentrate on helping with the projects.

Jarrod did a project on Charles Upham, a kiwi soldier.

Jarrod with his project

Monique's was entitled 'The Kauri Tree in History.' Her interest in the topic was sparked while we were on holiday in Dargaville in April, where we learned about the Kauri tree and gum diggers. She actually bought some Kauri gum somewhere there too! Monique's project received special interest because it was slightly unusual!

Danielle was very committed in her study of  Harriet Tubman, and she titled her project "Harriet Tubman: Slave and Railway Conductor" (or, ah, something along those lines!)

Because I didn't have my own project that needed to be judged, someone volunteered me to spend half an hour in the kitchen, serving tea and coffee.

Why do I always look terrible in photos?!?

I'm afraid I don't remember the exact times that things happened throughout the morning, but first of all after everyone had arrived and set up was the judging. There were separate judges for each age group, and the entrants were judged on their presentation (board plus any extras like dressing up or props), content(?), and orally.

A bit later on the venue was opened to spectators, and 'Spot the Solution' sheets were given out. For this, each entrant had previously submitted a question from their project, and its answer, to Mrs Rakete. The questions are compiled together, and spectators go from project to project answering the questions. At the end of the day all the sheets are put in a box, and the person with the most correct answer wins a prize.

 Before prizegiving, someone gives a speech on something historical. This year Mr. Johnstone spoke. I found his topic, a particular battle in the Crimean War, quite interesting, because it built on what I had recently learnt in Geography when I studied the Crimean Peninsula. He did well keeping the younger ones interested by getting many of the homeschool students to help re-enact a battle scene.

After Mr. Johnstone's talk came prizegiving. Every entrant from a particular age group gets called up, one at a time, and presented with his certificate. Once the whole age group is standing on the stage everyone claps for them and they are allowed to move off, and collect a chocolate bar.
The helpers (myself included, yippee!! haha) each received a note thanking them for their help, and a toblerone. We teenagers shared the toblerones among us. =)

Then we all cleaned up and went home!

All in all, it was a good day! Thanks Mrs. Rakete, for organising it again!

Bianca =)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hey Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry this is kinda late, but they do say 'better late than never,' don't they? lol

HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all my readers!

Wishing you another year of happily reading my blog.... *grin*

Love Bianca