Saturday, September 08, 2012

Communion - Friday

: : Bryce awaiting lunch : :
Written 13.6.12

After we arrived home from church on Friday morning, Mum received a call from Mrs. Smith inviting us to have lunch with them. Farewell to all plans of doing school work that afternoon!

: : Maria eating : :
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Rayner made a roast (beef I think?) with carrots, broccoli, potatoes and gravy. I think Diana and Bryce were too keen to play with the Smith children to bother eating much; we older ones really enjoyed it though! =)

: : Main table : :
After we’d finished eating that, Mrs. Smith brought out a Banoffie Pie and cream, which we quickly consumed!

We talked for a while, until Mum decided we should leave. 

 : : Diana (6) and Amelia (5) : :

: : Keith (5 months) and Laura (2 months)  : :

: : Mrs. Smith and Mum : : 

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Communion - Thursday

Written 1.6.12

This weekend is communion at our church; that means a service Thursday morning, Thursday night, Friday morning, Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Monday morning. Actually I think there are a couple of prayer meetings too... Most services are about 1 ½ hours long, but Sunday morning will be more like 2 ½. Lots of practice for young children learning to sit quietly!!

We actually don’t go to all the services, but it still takes enough time that I don’t get much school work done. I can’t remember the last time I did a full day of school work. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I can even remember what a full day of school work is. Hmm, might need to do some on Saturdays as well!

Due to the fact that we no longer all fit in the van (we have eight seats and eight children), one of us either has to catch a ride, or not go. So Thursday morning Danielle went to work with Dad.

We couldn’t stay long to talk after church (I reckon it was too cold to stay anyway!!!); the Campbells were coming to give Jarrod and Monique their violin lessons.

Written 13.6.12

Most of us had lunch, Mum took the van for a WOF, the Campbells came and went (taking Jarrod with them to pick up some kittens from the SPCA; they would drop him back later on), I attempted some school work, Mrs. Bramwell rung to see if it was a suitable time to drop in for a chat, and finally, Mum arrived home.

The Bramwells did come over; my siblings enjoyed the chance to play with their friends!

Then there was washing to get off the line and dinner to make before I went to Bible Study and the others went to church.