Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings

Hey Everyone,

Season's Greetings! =)

Well we are leaving for New Plymouth anytime now! Hopefully  I can post heaps about it when we get back.

PS: Uncle Pete wanted me to say how long it took me to get out of bed this morning and what a grumpy grumpy horrible young lady I will be later in the day. 

PPS  Uncle Pete was right!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hey Everyone,

A few of my friends keep asking me not to try and post about all the things we've been doing in the last few months, but instead to post about what we're doing now. Although I won't make any promises about not still trying to post about the rest of this year, I will tell you what we're doing now.

Uncle Pete arrived home from his World Trip on the Thursday the 9th of December, and started working with Dad the next Monday.

It is 7:23pm right now, and Mum, Dad and I  will be going shopping in a few minutes for Xmas pressents for Dad's side of the family who live in Wellington.

On Friday we are intending to go to New Plymouth to spend Christmas with Dad's family, and on Monday continue down to Wellington. We are scheduled to arrive home on New Year's Eve.
One of Dad's brothers bought a 4 Square in Eltham which is just out of New Plymouth (sorry I wasn't able to make sense of Mum and Dad's description of how far); and the rest of the family will come up from Wellington so we will all be together in New Plymouth.

Anyway I think Mum and Dad are ready to go, hopefully I can post again soon =)
<3 Bee

Monday, November 29, 2010

Esther's birthday Party


My friend Esther Sonneveld had her13th birthday party on Friday 16th to Saturday 17th April.
On Friday night Mums and girls presented scrapbook pages to Esther, and stayed for dessert and a movie - Facing the Giants.
Then most of the girls stayed the night and the Mums went home (as did I).
I got up WAY to early the next morning (about 7:30 I think) and went to the Sonnevelds' who waited for a few more girls to arrive, and then had breakfast.
After breakfst were HEAPS of games - Truth or Dare, in which we rung a chinese shop and asked "Do you do take-aways?"
"What's 9 take away 5?"
"Uh, I dunno"
and a few others.

In teams, wrote a story about Esther ONLY by clipping words and phrases out of a newspaper.

Late morning, after the cake:

we all piled into the van, and went tenpin bowling.

Next came lunch - rolls, ham, luncheon, etc...

Then more games and activities including splitting into teams (again), and making dresses for one person in each team from rubbish bags, toilet paper, and sellotape..

After HEAPS of games and fun we all got dropped off at about 5pm.
Better get ready for Girls Rally Break-up evening...
Luv Bee


Go back a little bit to March, the 17th to be exact.. after a homeschool picnic, I went to Miriama's house, as did the Sonnevelds...and this goth popped in with her friend to say 'hi'....

Well, yes actually, you're right.. it's my friend Esther and I, with a lot of make-up on...!

Anyway will get on to the next post now..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Duggar Family

Have you heard of the Duggar family? They have 19 children (and counting!) and live in Arkansas, USA. Their second grandchild is due in June 2011.
Check out  or their website


Bryce's "Teasle"

Well, my friend Anne Roos got a maltese dog earlier this year, whom she named "Teasle."
And when Bryce saw this soft toy at the $2 he yelled "TEASLE" and insisted Mum buy it for him:

 Anyway better go do flute practice and organise food to take to the Papakura Ribbon Day tomorrow (for athletics)
Luv Bee

Monique's birthday party

I organised a cupcake themed birthday party for Monique on April 30th.

Bryce's new cars

Dressed for the party!

Making cupcakes

Amber Carvajal and Jarrod

Danielle's hair

Diana's Wings

putting cupcake mix into trays

Eating lunch


Monique and her cupcakes

Pressent time!


Monique's 9th Birthday

Monique  turned 9 on April 3rd, 2010. Here are some pics.

Giving Monique a hug....everyone was a little hyper i think.... lol


Hi Again,

We joined a homeschool sports club that was started in  term 1 this year (Homeschool Sports Auckland South to be exact i think) which did three weeks of sailing at the local sailing club.

I went out on one the boats once, but decided not to go out again.
Lined up being given instructions, etc, before
going down to where the boats are.

Looking through the trees down onto the water

Playing games while waiting to go on the boats

The one in the pink hat is Monique, I'm in the black cap,
 holding the rudder.

wierd picture of Monique - she looks like
Thompson and Thomson from the
Tintin comics! =)

Athletics Fun Run


On the 23rd of February this year, we had the 2009 - 2010 season Fun Run. This is when all us athletes find sponsors, then run as many laps of the 400m track as we can in one hour.
It results in many tired and sore people, but is heaps of fun!

Danielle's Group ready to start

Danielle, unknown, Katie Joy Aiken

Really bad photo of me............

Lined up accross finish line to
 put a mark on people's arms to
show how many laps they have run.
We have the next fun run coming up on the 7th of December for the 2010 - 2011 season. Lots of training needed, i think!


Friday, October 29, 2010


Here's some pics of the others at the beach - i managed to finish my book in the car instead!!!!

No this Jet Ski isn't ours, some random people
sitting near my family on the beach just
offered Jarrod a ride...

Yes this is our raft


Danielle's gifts from family

Hi Again,

Our family gave Danielle her gifts the evening of the day after her party, and instead of making the last post longer, i'll post the photo's from that seperately.

From Mum

Tshirt From Bianca

Watch from Dad

From Diana

From Jarrod and Bryce

From Monique

She enjoyed her gifts, although i imagine it took ages to get anyone to bed that night!