Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going Away


I know i'm not up-to-date with my posts, but i thought i'd let you all know that we are going away anyway.
We are driving to Wellington tomorrow (Dec 24th) and will come back on the 2nd of January.

Better go organise some food to take or something before athletics training at 6:30pm.

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year to all of you!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bryce rides a pony!!

A couple of weeks ago we went to our friend Lyndal's parents house, where Bryce had maybe his second? horseride on 'Truffles.'

Initially he didn't want to get on, but with lots of coaxing to 'hold the handle' on the saddle, he eventually got on without really realising!  

He rode in a short circle before getting off again.

Anyway, better go organise stuff for the Weet-bix triathlon tomorrow,

Monday, December 07, 2009

Photo's from around-the-house

Hi everyone,

Here are some photo's taken around the house, that I thought I would share.

Bryce - 1yr 11months, reading a book, eating chippies, and wearing Diana's sunglasses with Soft toy dog (Harley?)

Woops! It's around the wrong way!

Dad always takes photo's of Mum in be with lots of children, so I decided to take one of him, and upload it here!!

Two photo's of Monique's pet mice - all boys - (Would you like one??)

Lucky, Jarrod's cat - isn't he so cute??

Danielle (6yrs) and Diana (4yrs) dressing up in Mum's skirt and Dad's jeans.
That's all for now,

Guy Fawkes / Fireworks

Hey everyone,

On Friday 6th November (this post is a bit late, I know!) we had a potluck dinner and fireworks in celebration of Guy Fawkes day, the previous day at the de Boer's house - dutch friends of ours.
There was a variety of food for dinner some being nachos (how's my spelling??), scalloped potatoes and potato salad.
I'm afraid I have a much better memory for dessert!!: Pavlova, trifle, 3(?) different flavours of ice cream, mud cake/choc fudge pudding?, some dutch desserts, etc.
The de Boer's have a 'Wii.' So, of course everyone wanted to have a turn on it.
They have a sports 'thing' with boxing, tennis, tenpin bowling, etc, and Mario Carts.
They also have table tennis, which some of us played. I hadn't played before, and found that I was a little forceful (?) with my batting, so the ball would hit the wall and bounce back to me, or land on the
floor, completly missing the table!!!
The 'Wii' (In photo from left to Right: Aaron, Auke, Jarrod)
No, I am NOT sucking my thumb! I'm playing with my braces, which could have something to do with the bracket that got knocked off!
Once it was dark we started doing the fireworks.
The 'mothers' or 'ladies' stayed inside and watched from the balcony and lounge-room above, and/or talked.

Watching the Fireworks Blake (1yr 7mths)
Below are a couple of videos of the fireworks.

The soccer ball came out after fireworks. Everyone was amazed at how far Bryce could kick it! Unfortunately he woulden't throw it for us, because he is really good at that too!
It was fairly late when we left, at the end of an enjoyable evening.
Seeya later, or a newer way of putting it,
Cya L8R!!!,

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Music School Concert


Last week Saturday I played in a concert for all students of MJSM - Manurewa Junior School of Music - where I have been learning flute for the last 3 years.

Five of us played together - 3 classes. Me and the girl next to me (Tofu - if that's how you spell her name) have been in the same class for all 3 years that i have been learning there. The next two girls are from the same class, and i'm not sure whether the last girl (in the pink sweater) was on a class on her own or whether she was in a class with other students who played after us in the concert - I'll get to them later!

I think most of us were a bit nervous, we had a few wrong notes!
Anyway, we played O Little Town of Bethlehem and Come Back to Sorrento. Both songs had 3 parts.

Here are some photo's of us. The first 2 are us warming up/practising. The other 3 are of us playing in the concert. Oh yea, and by the way, the lady in the 2nd photo is our teacher - Agi. She plays REALLY well!!

And after us played my friend - Annie - and i can't remember how many other students, and Agi played too. They played Carmen ( By Thaikovsky??). Unfortunately we didn't video them, but the sounded SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO good!!! There must have been about 3 or 4 parts the piece (of music).

By the way, this was my last year at the music school, it only goes up to intermediete age, and next year I will be first year highschool.
But I'm hoping to have private lessons with Agi!!

Anyway, better go do some maths, now that it is 10:58pm, and we have a trial triathlon (in preparation for the Weet-bix kids triathlon) at 10 / 10:30 am tomorrow morning,


Saturday, November 28, 2009

More photos from Papatoe Ribbon day

Danielle and Diana playing Bryce (almost 2) Never a better time to do the splits - (Danielle 6)

Diana's ribbons Danielle's ribbons

Papatoetoe Ribbon Day

Last week Saturday we went to the (once again athletics!!!) Papatoetoe Ribbon Day.

I did Shot Put, 100m, and discus. No placings.
Diana came 2nd in both her obstacle race, and maybe the 60m??
Danielle came 3rd in her obstacle race (as there were three of them), and 1st in the consolation race - for athletes who have no ribbons.
Some photo's:

Diana with her 2 ribbons
"Give me that camera"
Having a rest (Monique)
Bryce goes for a run too.
Monique runningthe 200m race - very focused!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ron Keat Ribbon day

Hey everyone,

Today we went to the (Athletics) Ron Keat Ribbon day in Papakura. It started at 12 midday, and finished at 4:30pm.
At ribbon days you can do almost all events - missing the longest races. (2000m and 3000m).

I decided not to do, or missed everything except the 400m sprint. I think there was four of us racing, so I was given a ribbon with no placing on it. I think it was for trying, because I only just made it to the finish line - i started too fast, so didn't have the energy at the end.

Diana (4) ran 30m, 60m, and 70 or 75m. In the 30 and 60 she didn't start straight away, I don't think she realised she had to go when she heard the gun!
But in the 70/75m she started when she was supposed to and came 2nd!!


With her 2nd place ribbon
We enjoyed the day - finished with ice creams!!, but not so much the sore faces from sunburn! (I didn't bother putting any sunscrean on, thinking that it wasn't hot enough to get burnt).
Now we get fish and chips for dinner, and probably will have to do all the chores and grocery shopping after dinner!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey Everyone,

We had our first club night for the season tonight!!!
We weren't sure whether it would be on because there were lots of grey clouds.
But it went ahead, and there were a few homeschoolers trying it out for the first time, and some returning.

I did Discus, missed the 200m race, and ran the 100m. I threw 9.52m in Discus, and came 3rd - or last! in the 100m sprint. Both of those are an improvement on last year.

It started raining just after we had finished!

Diana (4) Did it for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Better go do flute practice,

Monday, October 12, 2009

School Again

Hey everyone,
Welcome back to school!!!

The school holidays certainly went fast!

I can't get up at 11am anymore. :-( !!

I have an orthadontist appointment at 11am tomorrow morning. I will have the bands changed, so I can choose a new colour. Leave a comment if you have any ideas.

Well I am at work and Dad wants me to go and pick some more orders, so i better go do that,


Wednesday, October 07, 2009



Last night and today I have been having a bit of fun on 'Smilebox.' Hence the last post. I will probably put more Smilebox postcards, etc on.


Monday, October 05, 2009



We took my flute in to KBB Music in Epsom to be serviced today.
It is almost two years since it was last serviced, and wasn't playing nearly as well as it should. I wanted it playing really well as I have a concert at the Music school I am currently taking lessons at, in November sometime.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi Everyone,

School Holidays! Emphasise the SCHOOL - SCHOOL Holidays!

On Monday we did a massive tidy up in my room. There are 2 sets of bunk beds, with 4 of us girls in it! So out come 1 bunk set- we had to take it apart completely!;2 dressers, 'stacker' drawers - from the Warehouse.

Our lounge was looking very full! Which is a nice way of saying 'messy!'

And for about the next three or four hours we tidied up (or i did anyway!) Then i vacuumed, and in came the first dresser. It was then 3pm, so while all the other children watched TV for half an hour, i sorted out my drawers.

Then the second dresser and bunk beds came in, following that were beds to re-make!

When it came time for the other children to go to bed, their was still a mess in the lounge!

Also, between 3 of us, we cleaned Monique's four mouse cages - i think i spent about 2 hours doing that!

Better go have lunch,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Dance

Hi everyone,

A group of homeschoolers do folkdancing during term 3 each year, this year Mum decided we would do it as well. It ran for the first 8 weeks of the term.

I did Scottish Country Dancing, which they had for 13+ year olds. Each week we worked on perfecting steps (slip-step, skip-change), timing, as well as learning a few dances. One of the main ones was The Kingston Flyer.
Last week Saturday we had the 'Family Dance' when each group presents a few of the dances they learned during the term.

We arrived at 2:45pm, and got organised (mostly trying to remember how our dances went!) Then at 3pm, the dances started. The youngest group - up to 5/6yrs present their two - one being We're going on a bear hunt, next the 5 - 7 year old group, then the 8+ folkdance group. Then it was us!
We marched on in couples, and got into sets of 4 couples for Sandy Butterly, next into 3 couple sets for The homeschool reel, written (or whatever) especially for us!
Lastly we went back to 4 couple sets, and danced The Kingston Flyer through twice, then most peaple chose another partner from the audience, and danced it through 4 times (which fits the music).

After this everyone had to get up for Are you sleeping, Yes, i know it's boring! which we had to do in three circles, inside, middle, outside, as a round. You had to sing as well. So two circles would be singing Are you sleeping, while the last circle was singing Brother John.

Afternoon tea was next, and we were allowed to go and get it in our age groups - youngest first.
To aid the food in being digested, we spun in a circle - crossing arms and joining hands, then leaning back and spinning until you got dizzy (or the other person did!!)

For the last couple of hours a square dance instructer guided us in some more dancing - He would say circle left, circle left, circle left, circle right, circle right, circle left, right, left, left, right, right turn with partner, alamanzo (or something to that effect) left with corner (holding each others elbow, lower arms together), right pull by, left pull by and so on, which was basically walking around the circle. etc, etc.
It also included the boys joining hands high (star) and turning that 'star' in a circle; head ladies swapping back and forth; advance, and step back two steps; walking single file in a circle 'indian style' after a bit 'ladies' would cast away and walk in the opposite direction. I can't think of everything, but hopefully you get the basic idea from this muddle!

We also had a big circle (everyone) at the end and were doing heel, toe, heel, toe, side close side, and somewhere clapping with right hands, left hands, both hands, knees, and then turning in a circle and moving on to next partner.

Anyway, it is 12:07 am, and i should go get the Double Choc Chip Muffins out of the oven, and then go to bed.


Monday, September 07, 2009

Emma's weight


Just a quick post tonight, have to go make Chelsea Buns because the oven is still turned on.

Emma Rose weighed 6lb 9oz at birth.


Saturday, September 05, 2009


Hey everyone,

I do trampolining/tumbling with the homeschool group once a week on a Tuesday for six weeks in the middle of the school term, anyway, for tramp I am working on Blue Badge, the second badge which is:
Seat drop
half twist to seat drop
to stand
piked straddle jump (or something)
half twist to front drop, etc, etc.

At home Danielle (6) can do Red Badge, the first one; which is:

Seat drop
tuck jump
hands and knees drop,
pike jump
half twist jump
piked straddle jump
seat drop half twist to stand.

Which I did last term.... I feel soooooooo clever!! (not) :-)

We have to sit and exam at the end of the fourth term (or somewhere near there). I am hoping to do Green Badge for that (third badge) which is pretty much the same as Blue, with a front tuck flip at the end.

And for Tumbling i think i am doing blue badge, which i have to be able to do something like cartwheel-handstand-cartwheel, which is ssssssssoooooooooooooo anoying because i can't do either. :-( I can never get my legs to go straight up...

Oh well,

See ya next time,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Emma Rose

My cousin Liana had her baby on Tuesday, August 18th.
She named her Emma Rose Joll.
Joll being Liana's boyfreind/partner's surname. I don't know her weight or anything yet, but will post when I find out.
With Grandad:

With Nana:


Hey everyone,

Guess what?
Mum's having another baby!
She is due in early March next year. That will be No.7 for us. I am REALLY hoping that it will be a girl!!! :-)


Sunday, August 16, 2009


I got braces on Friday, July 31st.

( I had spacers (tiny rubber bands)
between some of my teeth, so that the bands would slide on easier a week later - I got them put in on the 24th).

They were sore for the first few days, and i had a couple of ulcers, but cups of soup, and ice cream tasted good!

I went for plain silver, but as i get to choose new colours every five weeks, and will probably have them on for about two years, I should be able to try a few!

For the next few days, every time Danielle (6yrs) saw me, she would say "you got bwaces" (she always likes to talk like a baby).

Anyway, mum wants me to go do some baking and stuff, so i better go,





Welcome to my blog.
I am Bianca Marietta Jago, age 13yrs.
I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

Hopefully i can keep this up to date, so you can all see what i am doing, since i don't often get around to writing letters at the moment.

See ya,