Friday, July 27, 2012

John and Naomi Over For Dinner

Dinner; doesn't it look good? haha

On the 25th of May we had John and Naomi Smith over for dinner.
My siblings had a lot of fun (I forget what they were doing, but they were really loud! haha).
Meanwhile Dad went out for a while, and homeschooling became the topic of discussion for ages!

Talking with John and Naomi


Maria with Dad's boxing pads

Don't they make her look so little!?!

And Monique has a turn boxing...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Athletics Prizegiving

The most recent athletics season ran from late October 2011 to late March 2012. Prizegiving was held at Clayton Park School on Saturday, May 19th.

Although Laura was born before the end of the season, this was the first time the club had seen her, so she was very popular, to say the least! lol

I helped out again this year, getting the athletes from a certain age group in line, removing from the pile certificates for those athletes not in attendance, walking around the outside of the hall and bringing the group in again through the back entrance next to the stage. When either Terry or Albert was ready (they were presenting the awards), I handed the pile of certificates to him, and went to get the next pile and start the process again! I was pleased we only had a slight drizzle occasionally, otherwise I could have been quite wet!

Essie and I
 Finally it came to my turn. "Bianca Jago: First in . . . {everything}, overall aggregate, total track, total field." [Yeah, I was the only person in my age group! haha] Honestly though, I'm not sure how one is supposed to carry that many trophies at once! :D

I think Diana and I brought home three trophies each . . . we're building quite a collection now!

After all the age groups had their certificates, the other trophies were awarded, i.e. Sportsperson of the year and others.
Once the award ceremony was completely finished, we could all go out the front for sausages, drinks, and ice blocks. It started getting cold and dark, so a few of us came inside to hang out, and were given a chocolate bar each...yummy!

Hanging out afterwards (sorry, I don't have a good pic)
Clockwise: Jarrod, Diana, Suzanne, Esther, Ruth, Monique, me

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Term 2 Homeschool Gymnastics

Highest-level group. All three of my sisters were in here!

Essie with Julia (Aiken)

Monique, Danielle, and Diana participated in gym this last term. I only went once and these are some of the pics I took. They were trying for badges, so far Monique has her one so next term she will go up to the next level, and the other two will re-try for their current level.

Random pics around the house

:: Monique practicing violin ::

:: Posing ::

:: Laura sleeping ::

:: Danielle hiding behind her book ::

:: Laura awake ::
:: Laura again ::

:: Maria reading (2 years) ::

Jarrod's 13th Birthday

Nice one Monique...
Jarrod turned 13 on May 10th...yeah two teens in our family now...freaky!!! lol Anyway here are some pics from the night we celebrated his birthday - dinna, presents, and dessert. 
Lovely(!) pic of Laura

Opening his presents

Dessert time!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Visitors for dinner

Note: I'm unsure of the actual date I wrote this...
 We invited the de Boer family to come to our place for dinner tonight, the 5th of May.

Most of the day was filled with the usual ‘Saturday things’: cleaning, vacuuming, washing, ironing. And I actually managed to bake(!), I made 5 Star Chocolate Chip Cookies and a couple of chocolate cakes. Later on Mum put the roast on, Danielle made a self-saucing chocolate pudding for dessert, and Dad organised seating for everyone. (Yes, our family alone fills our table, when extended, so we pulled in the table from outside for the little ones to sit at.)

They arrived, and after some conversation, we all sat down to enjoy our meal. One table seemed to express their enjoyment more vocally than the other!

The dessert mix hadn’t looked quite right while being made, and it didn’t look nearly cooked when it had five minutes to go. So, Mum decided to use plan B – tinned fruit, ice cream, and the red velvet cake Anne Roos had brought.

After dessert had been consumed, my siblings brought out their certificate albums and various history projects to show Amie (Dieuwe’s girlfriend). Dad brought out drinks (go Coca-Cola! Lol), and Mum reminded me to take some photos for my blog (how could I forget?!).

All to soon, goodbyes were said, our guests left, and bath time began for my siblings (Think: Noise and chaos! Haha) More housework (dishes and folding) was done, and finally it is now bed time...G’night! =)

PS: I’m kinda tired now, so hopefully this piece isn’t entirely void of sense! :P

Monday, July 02, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Just 'cos I'm soooooooo cool(!)...I'm gonna wish myself a happy birthday:


Yay I'm sweet sixteen now ;)

Talk about random people these! :P

Another visit to the Botanical Gardens!

Smelling the flowers
One Friday afternoon (3rd of May to be exact), the weather was nice so Mum decided we should go for a walk at the Botanic Gardens. The Smiths agreed to go with us, and soon we were piling into our vehicles (I went with them since we don't all fit in our van!). 
Diana and Amelia pose
(Don't you love Diana's 'peace' sign?!)

The little ones played for AGES in this hut;
it's incredible how entertaining running
around in circles can be!

Left to right: Aaron, Danielle, Diana, Amelia, and Bryce