Friday, October 29, 2010


Here's some pics of the others at the beach - i managed to finish my book in the car instead!!!!

No this Jet Ski isn't ours, some random people
sitting near my family on the beach just
offered Jarrod a ride...

Yes this is our raft


Danielle's gifts from family

Hi Again,

Our family gave Danielle her gifts the evening of the day after her party, and instead of making the last post longer, i'll post the photo's from that seperately.

From Mum

Tshirt From Bianca

Watch from Dad

From Diana

From Jarrod and Bryce

From Monique

She enjoyed her gifts, although i imagine it took ages to get anyone to bed that night!


Danielle's 7th Birthday

Hi again all my faithful followers!

Sorry i haven't posted in AGES, I have added a couple of subjects to my curriculum, and have gotten behind, so i'm working really hard (or supposed to be!) to catch up a bit! 

Danielle's birthday was on February 19th.
I organised a princess dress-up party for her.

They all watched as Danielle opened each of her presents!



I had also organised for them to make some cards, which they all really enjoyed; however Mum and I had much less stuff by the time they had finished! =)

Around the table from the left:
Abigail Rakete (Blue), Bryce, Diana,
Jarrod Jago, Katie Joy Aiken,
Monique Jago, Emily McGechie (pink)



And a pink cake always goes down well with young girls!

Cutting the cake

Danielle showing her new dress from Katie Joy Aiken, right

Well, that's about all I can remember about that! =) lol, so i'll post about something else now =)