Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Monday, February 02, 2015

Diana's Birthday Party || 9yrs || Part 3

Several of us have had Stampin' Up! parties in the last several years, and Diana wanted to have one as well. {Trying to remember now} I think she checked with our favourite demonstrator, who wasn't available, so asked me to demonstrate instead. In the end I managed to design two cards and prepare all the materials (with Mum's help) the night (aka early am ;)) before the party. I went with a pink design and a purple one to match the them colours for the party (picked by guess who).

: : All set up for the second card : :
: : Busy crafters : :
: : Cake time . . . : : 

: : Umm . . . scary : :

: : For dinner I made pizza (hooray for breadmakers that prepare the dough) : :
Monique and Katie made a salad (and I threw a dressing together)
Mum made chicken nuggets, and we bought a couple bags of potato wedges.