Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Dargaville Holiday Post

On Thursday, 27th April we visited our friends the Orchards who live in Kaiwaka.

Chantelle on Socks, Monique on Poppy

Diana on Beau, being led by Natalia

Mrs Orchard leadind Danielle on Poppy

Monique on Socks, led by Chantelle and Diana

Danielle with Poppy
Danielle writes in her diary:
"..We went and rode Donkey and the horses I mean two horses. The donkey's name is Poppy and the small horse's name is Beau and the big horses name is Socks and Natalia rides Beau but I'm too big for it. It's such a shame Natalia can ride bare back [I think its a shame that Danielle can't], it's so cool and nobody needs to hold her!"
They have this hanging up in their dining room, I just had to photograph it!

Friday 29th. Home time - my favourite day of the entire holiday lol!
We eventually left Dargaville to late for my liking, after stops at various shops!
We had lunch at Bee Jays, yeah, um, did you know I had a cafe??? haha!

cool sign, aye?
After too long driving and I can't remember what else, we finally got home in time for dinner, and to unpack a little bit before watching the Royal Wedding...

Our holiday was over, and I was glad to be home!

Second-to-Last Dargaville Holiday Post

Ok well its now about 7 months since our holiday in Dargaville (wow!) and, frankly, I don't remember very many interesting details. So, I'm simply going to do TWO posts and summarise what we got up to, and show you a few pics! =)

Monday 25th,  we went to Dargaville Museum. First off, we watched a 15-minute(?) video about gumdigging and stuff, then we walked through to see everything on display....Mum and Dad thought it was amazing, so ask them what was there! lol everything's blurring with the following day in my head!

Tuesday 26th, was a trip to the Kauri Museum which we really enjoyed. They had all sorts of things..a cow in the process of being milked (not real!), the first Caterpillar(?), operating models of various machines, and a life-size boardinghouse, complete with model people, performing various tasks, etc.. - examining a patient, having a tooth pulled(!), and so on. .................

Wednesday 27th saw as take do the Trounson Kauri Walk:
This became a bit of a photoshoot (to get my mind off being

Danielle and Diana...Diana is soooo nice to photograph!! lol =D

Funny photo I think!

Diana, Danielle, Bryce

The boys

Girls shot (minus Maria)

Does this pic in anyway remind you of the Duggars or Bateses?
 Later on we had Thai takeaways for dinner; I still like Indian better!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dargaville - Sunday 24th April

Hi again everyone...=)

Mum played a sermon (on a cassette tape) around midday, then we had lunch (er, brunch for me!) and started our chocolate bunnies (Yes I know they're supposed to be for young children..but I still like them!).
Later on we went for a REALLY long walk. Actually most of us weren't so excited about that (random, I know!) We started picking flowers and putting them in the girls hair (not mine! haha). Here are a couple, er, few  pics:

The girls were calling themselces 'flower girls,' and wanted to know when the wedding is, Uncle Pete? lol! =D

The End...