Thursday, July 24, 2014

Concert @ Bethesda Resthome

Although not something we have done a lot of, historically, performance is an important aspect of music education. Along with the Campbells (who teach Jarrod and Monique violin), and my recorder students, we concluded term 2 with a concert at Bethesda Resthome in Manukau.

: : Opening with Amazing Grace : :

: : Violin Duets : :
Allegro Andante by John Stanley on my flute:

Danielle began clarinet at the beginning of this year, but she has/has just about caught up to the year 2 students, so we asked her to play a solo. Just before she walked up she asked me what she should play, but since I don't oversee either her lessons or practice, I wasn't really sure. I did, however, expect her to play something she had worked on in her lessons and could play well. So I was a little surprised when she announced she would play Botany Bay, which she found the music for online fairly recently! That's typical Danielle style though, so I should have known(!), and she played really well.

: : 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My {18th} Birthday || Presents

: : Egg cup?! : :

: : Seriously, you can't have too many mugs! : :
Laura (2yrs) saw it and said "coffee!" Yep. That's right. Lol
And a purple vivid from Diana because . . . it's purple . . . and it was on special. Haha #bargainhunter

: : The mature expressions of an 18-year-old : :

: : I wanted to start a {good} game collection : :

: : And the lot of them : :

Monday, July 14, 2014

Peer into the Past 2014

For the last five/six-ish years Mrs. Rakete has organised Peer into the Past, the Manukau Homeschool Group's history fair. Usually we've had around four to six projects entered, but this year we weren't even sure if we'd have any! Monique and Danielle did enter though (at the last minute . . . ) with projects on Ida Skudder and the Titanic, respectively. 

Also for the first time, I wasn't at the fair the whole time; it was on a Wednesday (my birthday, incidentally) which is the day I work with Dad, and we just popped over for a little while. Yeah, I feel old not really being part of it {haha}. I got to catch up with some other "old" people {lol} I hadn't seen for ages so that was nice.

Irene spoke about Greece's impact on modern western society, and then we had prize giving. Danielle won a prize, as did our pastor's kids.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Portraits || Laura Yvonne

: : Can't do her buttons up yet, so she's pulling the two sides across each other : :

: : Sitting on Bryce's garage using her "laptop" : :

: : It really does look like she's using a laptop here, doesn't it? : :

: : Cutie : :