Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maria's Turn

Little-Miss-Four-Year-Old saw Laura's video and didn't want to be left out of the fun, so she did this:

She also plays recorder quite well (considering she hasn't begun lessons yet!), by ear. We managed to capture these two videos:

                                                            Mary Had A Little Lamb

                                                                        Ode to Joy

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Danielle's Delight || Story By A Sister

My Treacherous Experience at Work Washing Dishes with the Two Teasing Toms (Uncle Paul and Dad)!

By Danielle Jago

This Wednesday, I went to work. I was soooo excited. Little did I know how many scars I would bring home - emotionally, physically, and teasically (teasing). I went to work, did school, and was fine (for 4 hours!). 

As soon as I was told to hop off the computer, I knew what was coming. "Oh man," I groaned to myself, "I bet the dishes!" 
Sure enough, Teasing Tom number one asked me to do the dishes. "Yes, Dad," I said, ducking. "But do not tease me, okay?" 
"I cannot answer that," replied Dad. I groaned. 2 scars already! 

When I ran the hot water into the sink from the jug, 2 drops landed on my elbow, and scarred me physically. 
The Two Tea-ing Toms laughed. "Hahhahahahahahaha! Can't you even pour the jug?!" Another scar. 4 scars. 3 emotionally and 1 physically. 
I groaned again. "Can't I even get through this?" 

I thought about the future. My life would be spent in bed, not daring to get up for fear I would be laughed at, and when I did get out of bed, I would be smouldering from dishwash liquid, boiling from boiled hot water, and hurting from emotional scars. What a horrible future! 

To help dishwashers like me, go to Thank you.

Danielle's Delight is a "newspaper" my little sister writes in her spare time; it features both fiction and nonfiction original work and isn't published.

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Laura Had A Little Lamb"

So we need to work on our videography . . . and the best renditions always happen off camera, right? But here is a clip of Laura (now two years, nearly seven months) singing a spinoff of Mary Had A Little Lamb. Actually, I just remembered I posted another clip of the same song here, but in this one she does all the singing. Enjoy!

She's pretty good at holding a tune and her volume sure isn't lacking! Recently she was in the bike seat on the back of Mum's bike belting out Ode to Joy as the cyclists made their way around the block! She actually knows several tunes (or parts of them) including Ode to Joy, National Anthem, Botany Bay, Barney's I Love You, Amazing Grace . . . so hopefully I'll be uploading more clips in the future!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Seat Installation

Once upon a time . . . (before there were eight of us), a table and several chairs were kept on the deck for those beautiful sunny days. In recent years, though, we've sat on the banister or steps. But when you're on the banister, the neighbours feel like your audience, and the steps are low and annoying if people are constantly using them for walking. So with summer again approaching, Mum asked Jarrod to build a seat for the deck. Jarrod worked with Uncle Paul (a builder) and got this done in an afternoon.

: : Before : :

: : Process : :

: : After : :

Friday, October 10, 2014

{10 on 10}



: : And you all know what this is of? : :

: : Since you guys just can't get enough of my flute haha :P : :

: : Because I love Spring!! : :






Saturday, October 04, 2014

Eltham Trip {Day 2 ~ Thursday}

Our first full day in Eltham was pretty relaxing; I read for a while, some of the others explored the camp and saw the manager's family's animals, Nana come for the afternoon, Lucus arrived after school, and finally Uncle Mike joined us for a barbecue dinner. Enjoy the shots below that I captured of {mainly} Bryce and Lucus playing with the rugby ball!

: : I was just trying to get a photo of Bryce holding the ball . . . but then I got this and I love it! Excuse the lens flare :( : :

: : Which is your favourite version? : :

: : Lol his face! : :

: : These two cousins were inseparable! : :

: : Lol seriously? This is just after he's kicked the ball : :

: : Because we live with only the basic necessities when we're on holiday *cough* : :