Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Wellington!!!


On Tuesday 21st December, the Sonnevelds (homeshool friends - Suzanne, Ruth, Esther) came to pick up our 2 bird cages, guinea pigs, rabbit, and mice (x 6) with their trailer.
Most of the children went with them.
Mum and I went to the midwife, picked up chook chow, etc, and took Buttercup (rabbit) to the vet for his second Calisi (probably wrong spelling!!) virus vaccination, and have his eye checked at the same time, as it was white in the middle. As it turned out, he had a small ulcer on his eye, which they gave us some ointment for, which had to be applied twice a day.
Then we went out to the Sonneveld's house, and showed them how to clean the animal cages, and had lunch, etc...

Then... I can't remember exactly what we did, but we left their place, and carried on getting stuff ready so we could leave on Thursday.

On Wednesday, we packed everything into our bags, then I think I might have baked. That night we had dinner, then went to athletics training. After the other children were  in bed we packed the van. Then I made rolls, and heaps of other food, and Mum and I packed it.

We went to bed really late that night, and got up at .... maybe...7:30am the next morning.

We organised last - minute things, and then piled into the van.
After dropping a key off to Uncle Paul so he could paint our bathroom while we were away, we were on our way! It was about 8:37 when we left I think.

We stopped in Taupo about 12, and the other children played on the playground, etc. Then we got back in the car and had lunch, and i did some maths, and read, etc.

We had a couple more stops for Petrol etc, then arrived at the campground at 4:47pm.
I was staying with my Nana, so we went up to her house, and unpacked all my stuff. Eventually Dad and Nana went to get Fish and Chips for dinner.
Mum went shopping, then when she got back I made a Mud cake and started 2 cheescakes.

The others went back to the camp about 10:30 - 11pm.

I wrapped the last of my presents while waiting for the mud cake to finish cooking, then went to bed.

I'll post about Xmas day next time,

Manurewa Ribbon Day

Hi Again,

On Saturday 12th December, our athletics club held their ribbon day.
It started at 10am. When we got there it was fairly cold, and looked like it would rain. Not to be put off, we started the program.
No, the girls in the 'Urban' tops are not part of the club, Ginni, the one in the green top lives in Whangarei, and had just come down for the day, so she came with Esther(orange), and Ruth(blue), to the ribbon day so she could see Miriama(in club uniform).
And no, i can't remember exactly what events we did.
I did the 100m.
Then discus, and after that Ruth, Esther and Ginni had to go.

Then we had lunch. While i was over near the club rooms it got really windy, and umbrella's went inside out, and 'flew' down the field. Then the rain came, pouring. We and some friends had set up under a gazebo - but roof only type thing, and that started blowing away, Mum and a few others who were sitting under it tried to crouch down while holding the edges of it and keep the rain off everything, and stop it from blowing away.
When the rain stopped, we went over, and everything was drenched. The adults tidied stuff into the cars, while the rest of us carried on with the program.
Hurdles had to be put off until the ground was dry.

Hey Presto, the sun came out - and because Mum, hadn't bothered to bring the sunscreen because it looked like rain, I got sunburnt, and my shoulders blistered. OUCH!!

Anyway, we had all the usual events, then a 4 x 100m relay, including a 'parents' team. Everyone got a lollipop upon completion.

Not long after, a whole lut of grumps [ =) ](us) went home to sit on the computer, etc.
Oh, and umm, the computer did get a little squashed, but it still works. LOL =)

PS: More photo's coming!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weetbix tryathlon

Hey Everyone,

On December 9th, we got up REALLY early, okay, maybe not that early for some of you, i think it was about 7am.

We arrived at Mountford park just after 8:30am. The Rakete's (homeschool friends) were already there.
Music was loud while all the volounteers continued to set up for the Weet-bix Kids Tryathlon.

We set up gazebos, and unpacked nearly a whole van -load of STUFF, bikes, transition bags, sunscreen, pram, etc. It's amazing how much stuff you need for about 6 hours of fun!

We collected our race - packs (Weet-bix t-shirt, 'number' (for identification purposes), etc.), put our bikes in transition, then wandered around with friends while waiting for the tryathlon to start.

At 9:30 (?) Race briefing started - all the rules about the tryathlon(none of which are ever followed!) then we headed off to wherever we started from - swimmers getting into groups, then heading into the pool. I waited just outside transition with all the other cyclists. I waited for a little while (dunno how long) then hi - fived my friend Ruth, and ran off to my bike. Four laps around the track, then back into transition, exausted, and off to run, then I was finished!!!

On finishing, I  was presented with a medal by Debbie Tanner(???did i get her name right???), a certificate, ASB drink bottle, and red weetbix cap.

Then we wandered around, ran through the blow-up all blacks maze race thing, and waited for prize -giving.

Prizegiving. We all sat down to draw on each other with vivids of various colours, while numbers wher called out, and we waited, hoping that someone we knew would get one of the 2 avanti bikes!! Unfortunately none of us got anything. =)

We then signed each others shorts, before running around like crazy, asking random people to sign our shirts (and picking up any free food we could!)

Then we took our bikes out of transition, had heaps of photo's taken, and tidied up before heading home. Oh, and i nearly lost one of my brand new jandels, only we found it in a rubbish bag one of the volounteers had.

THen, of course, Mum had to ruin everything (well almost) by not letting us go to athletics training, instead taking us to work (not that we went until after training had finished anyway) Grrr.

Here are some photo's:

A successfull day, I think,



Here are a couple of photo's of Bryce, can you tell he likes Coke??

Just had maple (flavoured) syrup on pikelets - yum!

Girls Rally Breakup

Monique (8) attends girls rally.
They had a break-up night on ???? last year.

Everyone did a quiz, gaining or losing points depending on whether they got right or wrong answers.
I think Everyone enjoyed that!

Then one of the Dads (I think???) gave a talk about being a policeman and a christian.

Then the girls sung some 'Come into His Presence' song as a round, which sounded pretty good.

Then the best part - a HUGE supper!!!

Then we took a van - load of tired and grumpy children home to bed!!!

Time for the next post,

Mum's birthday

Hey Everyone,

Yes, we're back!! I'll catrch up on a few posts, then post about our holliday.

On November 21st, Mum turned 40.

I made roast chicken, with vegies for dinner, and someone (I can't remember who!!) made Apple? Crumble for dessert.
Oh, and I made a Chocolate Mud Cake as a birthday cake, only the oven was on grill, instead of bake, so only the top was cooked, but I iced it, and put candles on it and we sung 'Happy Birthday,' then we ate it with dessert.

Here are some photo's of Mum recieving her pressents.

And her gifts:

Bryce gave her an 'I promise to give you a cellphone lanyard' note,
Diana gave a bar of 'dream' chocolate,
Danielle gave a packet of hankies,
Monique gave a flannel,
Jarrod gave a note promising a candle from Dad's work,
Monique and i gave a 'Chocolate gift basket,' which included a mug, Jarrah 'extreme choc' drinking chocolate, Roses chocolates, plate of her favourite 'Vanilla Choc Chip' biscuits, and a packet of Marshmellows;
Dad gave her a new duvet cover.

I'll get on with the next post now!