Thursday, October 24, 2013

For all those with whiney children . . .

Call the Wambulance!

Hahahaha! :D


For those of you who are interested, here's a little summary of the last few days:
Several times late last week Jarrod (my bro) didn't feel so great; said he had a sore stomach. Since that sort of thing usually sorts itself out with time, we didn't think much of it.
Monday morning 2:30 or so he woke up in a lot of pain. Dad thought he needed to go to the hospital and because he could hardly move with the pain, an ambulance was called. Appendicitis was the suspected trouble, and Jarrod was taken to Starship hospital for tests. 
About midday (I think) on Monday his appendix was removed; it turned out to be infected rather than ruptured but still couldn't stay. Although he took longer to regain consciousness than expected, everything went smoothly. He stayed in for two nights and was discharged this morning. For the next few weeks he'll be taking things easy and enjoying special treatment, no doubt!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


For my birthday this year I decided to have a Stampin' Up! party with some of my friends and their mums. I had hoped to have it soon after my birthday, but with busy schedules September 2nd (two months late lol) ended up being the date. I realised on Saturday night that I hadn't done any planning (the 2nd was a Monday) . . . oops! So Monday saw me hurriedly writing lists and then {seemingly} visiting every shop in Manukau. I discovered balloons, tablecloths, and ribbon is hard to find in specific colours :/ I ended up missing the ribbon but I got the rest of the food et cetera that I wanted (phew!).                    
Meanwhile, the others were baking (usually I try to do that a day ahead, but being a Monday night that couldn't exactly happen this time!) and cleaning/tidying the house. When I got home I passed the balloons out to be blown up, and made several more desserts. Somehow the afternoon flew by, as the clock seemed to speed up!

Finally, we {mostly} completed our last-minute preparations, and guests began arriving.
Somehow, we squeezed all fourteen of us around our dining table; the next two or so hours quickly passed as we made our cards.

: : Making cards : :

: : Fun times : :
After we finished our cards, we made for the dessert table. (I'm sure it was feeling lonely having been on it's own all evening ;))
Dad must have had something funny to say lol

: : Yup, the food : :

And thus concluded the celebrations for my seventeenth. Thanks everyone who helped/attended etc. ;)