Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi Everyone,

School Holidays! Emphasise the SCHOOL - SCHOOL Holidays!

On Monday we did a massive tidy up in my room. There are 2 sets of bunk beds, with 4 of us girls in it! So out come 1 bunk set- we had to take it apart completely!;2 dressers, 'stacker' drawers - from the Warehouse.

Our lounge was looking very full! Which is a nice way of saying 'messy!'

And for about the next three or four hours we tidied up (or i did anyway!) Then i vacuumed, and in came the first dresser. It was then 3pm, so while all the other children watched TV for half an hour, i sorted out my drawers.

Then the second dresser and bunk beds came in, following that were beds to re-make!

When it came time for the other children to go to bed, their was still a mess in the lounge!

Also, between 3 of us, we cleaned Monique's four mouse cages - i think i spent about 2 hours doing that!

Better go have lunch,

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