Monday, December 07, 2009

Guy Fawkes / Fireworks

Hey everyone,

On Friday 6th November (this post is a bit late, I know!) we had a potluck dinner and fireworks in celebration of Guy Fawkes day, the previous day at the de Boer's house - dutch friends of ours.
There was a variety of food for dinner some being nachos (how's my spelling??), scalloped potatoes and potato salad.
I'm afraid I have a much better memory for dessert!!: Pavlova, trifle, 3(?) different flavours of ice cream, mud cake/choc fudge pudding?, some dutch desserts, etc.
The de Boer's have a 'Wii.' So, of course everyone wanted to have a turn on it.
They have a sports 'thing' with boxing, tennis, tenpin bowling, etc, and Mario Carts.
They also have table tennis, which some of us played. I hadn't played before, and found that I was a little forceful (?) with my batting, so the ball would hit the wall and bounce back to me, or land on the
floor, completly missing the table!!!
The 'Wii' (In photo from left to Right: Aaron, Auke, Jarrod)
No, I am NOT sucking my thumb! I'm playing with my braces, which could have something to do with the bracket that got knocked off!
Once it was dark we started doing the fireworks.
The 'mothers' or 'ladies' stayed inside and watched from the balcony and lounge-room above, and/or talked.

Watching the Fireworks Blake (1yr 7mths)
Below are a couple of videos of the fireworks.

The soccer ball came out after fireworks. Everyone was amazed at how far Bryce could kick it! Unfortunately he woulden't throw it for us, because he is really good at that too!
It was fairly late when we left, at the end of an enjoyable evening.
Seeya later, or a newer way of putting it,
Cya L8R!!!,

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