Monday, November 29, 2010

Esther's birthday Party


My friend Esther Sonneveld had her13th birthday party on Friday 16th to Saturday 17th April.
On Friday night Mums and girls presented scrapbook pages to Esther, and stayed for dessert and a movie - Facing the Giants.
Then most of the girls stayed the night and the Mums went home (as did I).
I got up WAY to early the next morning (about 7:30 I think) and went to the Sonnevelds' who waited for a few more girls to arrive, and then had breakfast.
After breakfst were HEAPS of games - Truth or Dare, in which we rung a chinese shop and asked "Do you do take-aways?"
"What's 9 take away 5?"
"Uh, I dunno"
and a few others.

In teams, wrote a story about Esther ONLY by clipping words and phrases out of a newspaper.

Late morning, after the cake:

we all piled into the van, and went tenpin bowling.

Next came lunch - rolls, ham, luncheon, etc...

Then more games and activities including splitting into teams (again), and making dresses for one person in each team from rubbish bags, toilet paper, and sellotape..

After HEAPS of games and fun we all got dropped off at about 5pm.
Better get ready for Girls Rally Break-up evening...
Luv Bee

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