Friday, October 29, 2010

Danielle's 7th Birthday

Hi again all my faithful followers!

Sorry i haven't posted in AGES, I have added a couple of subjects to my curriculum, and have gotten behind, so i'm working really hard (or supposed to be!) to catch up a bit! 

Danielle's birthday was on February 19th.
I organised a princess dress-up party for her.

They all watched as Danielle opened each of her presents!



I had also organised for them to make some cards, which they all really enjoyed; however Mum and I had much less stuff by the time they had finished! =)

Around the table from the left:
Abigail Rakete (Blue), Bryce, Diana,
Jarrod Jago, Katie Joy Aiken,
Monique Jago, Emily McGechie (pink)



And a pink cake always goes down well with young girls!

Cutting the cake

Danielle showing her new dress from Katie Joy Aiken, right

Well, that's about all I can remember about that! =) lol, so i'll post about something else now =)


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