Thursday, September 22, 2011


Ok I need to do some serious blogging, but for now I'll just give you a quick update on what I've been up to, before I go to bed.

On Thursday night (about 11:30) my sister Monique (10yrs) had some kind of seizure, which lasted about five minutes. She went to Kidz First (Middlemore Hospital) by ambulance not long after. On Friday morning (in hospital) she had another, worse, seizure. She was admitted for the weekend, and as she had to have someone 16yrs + stay with her 24/7 Mum and Dad took turns staying with her, and they organised a few other people to spend a few hours with her. So Friday and Saturday I made dinner, looked after my siblings and basically kept the house running (actually either Mum or Dad was around most of Saturday to help).
On Monday she and Dad went to Starship (Auckland Hospital) for an EEG (some kind of test). We found out yesterday the likely diagnosis is Beneign Rolandic Epilepsy. They arrived home Monday afternoon.

I also baked on Monday - for Tuesday.
Tuesday I had a flute lesson, and we sat our tramp(olining) badge. I passed Level 2.
Straight after tramp the Aikens' came to our place for afternoon tea, and I did the Chapter 2 Test in my French book with Mrs Aiken (yay passed that really well too!) =)
Just after Dad arrived home from work his cousin, Marie, popped in to say hi (wow the last time I saw her must have been when Maria was born?!?).
And Tuesday, Wednesday and tonight I have been for a driving lesson...Dad keeps teasing me that all the cops start patrolling the roads when I go for a lesson!

This afternoon the rest of my family went out for music lessons, so I had a lovely couple of hours on my own. Then my family, and my cousins arrived.

Now its past bed time, so I think I better go to bed so I can do school work, and bake for the supper after the induction of our minister at church tomorrow night.

G'night =)
Luv Bee

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