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Visit to Lyndal's

Diana and Lyndal brush Marmalade
 My mum and Lyndal met at school when they were 8- or 9-years-old, and they've been friends since. Lyndal used to live about 20 minutes away from us, and we spent a lot of time with her. Now she lives near Albany (must have been about four or five years now I think!), close to an hour's drive away, and we see her significantly less often.
Mum organised for us to go up and visit her on Monday, April 30th.

I took a couple of my textbooks, fully intending to get some school work during the drive, but I'm not sure that I even got through two pages!

The view
 I did take a few photos out the windows, but none of them were particularly great (rainy weather, etc.).

Finally we arrived. It was rather windy and I began to wish I'd brought a warmer sweater! We weren't sure what the weather might do, so we decided to ride first while it was dry, then have lunch.

Currently Lyndal just has one small pony (Marmalade), so only Danielle down got to ride; I became photographer, while Mum and Jarrod looked after Maria and Laura, and Mickey (the dog).
In stark contrast to us older ones when we were her age, Maria was very apprehensive to get on Marmalade. What I mean is, when I was about two I think, I preferred to ride the thoroughbred ex-race horse over the 14hh ponies, and as a baby, Monique would crawl around the paddock after the ponies! (And yeah, she would be kinda dirty afterwards...). Maria, however, would cry when you tried to put her on Marmalade! Although, we did eventually manage to get her to stay on long enough for a photo (see image below).

The rest of my siblings were more enthusiastic! Danielle got to ride on her own - an unexpected lesson!

Diana's turn

After everybody had had a turn, Marmalade was returned to her paddock, and we went back inside (out of the wind!!!) for lunch.

They're kinda small, but I love the fern backdrop!


The not-so-excited Maria

After lunch, Lyndal taught us to play a new game - No Thanks! You have a deck of cards numbered from 1 up to I'm not sure what (sorry), and a pile of counters. One card gets put face-up on the table, with the rest in a stack upside down next to it. The counters get distributed among the players. Going around in a circle, each player gets to choose between picking up the card, or putting down a counter. Now the point of the game is to have the lowest number of points, however, you can't play if you run out of counters! So eventually you must pick up the card, which also means you get all the counters that have been put on top of it. Then you need a number sequence (eg. 1,2,3,4; 15,16,17), which is to help lower your number of points (eg. if you get 17, then you get 16, 15, and so on). but there is only one of each number, and all players have a chance to pick up each card. So you have to pick the timing - get a fairly low card (or one that fits in with your sequence), when there are as many counters as possible on top of it, but before anybody else picks it up! Well hopefully that gives you the idea... ;)
I will quickly not that some of my siblings spent more time digging into the large bowl of popcorn rather than playing!! (okay, well I suppose you can't blame Maria...:P)


Finally, Mum announced it was time to leave. We said goodbye, gathered our stuff (which can be quite an undertaking with young children who drop things everywhere!!!)

When we got home, I found myself rather tired, not so helpful when I've got heaps of school work waiting to be done (yeah, despite driving for quite a while, I actually didn't accomplish much work!

Group Photo

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