Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Visitors for dinner

Note: I'm unsure of the actual date I wrote this...
 We invited the de Boer family to come to our place for dinner tonight, the 5th of May.

Most of the day was filled with the usual ‘Saturday things’: cleaning, vacuuming, washing, ironing. And I actually managed to bake(!), I made 5 Star Chocolate Chip Cookies and a couple of chocolate cakes. Later on Mum put the roast on, Danielle made a self-saucing chocolate pudding for dessert, and Dad organised seating for everyone. (Yes, our family alone fills our table, when extended, so we pulled in the table from outside for the little ones to sit at.)

They arrived, and after some conversation, we all sat down to enjoy our meal. One table seemed to express their enjoyment more vocally than the other!

The dessert mix hadn’t looked quite right while being made, and it didn’t look nearly cooked when it had five minutes to go. So, Mum decided to use plan B – tinned fruit, ice cream, and the red velvet cake Anne Roos had brought.

After dessert had been consumed, my siblings brought out their certificate albums and various history projects to show Amie (Dieuwe’s girlfriend). Dad brought out drinks (go Coca-Cola! Lol), and Mum reminded me to take some photos for my blog (how could I forget?!).

All to soon, goodbyes were said, our guests left, and bath time began for my siblings (Think: Noise and chaos! Haha) More housework (dishes and folding) was done, and finally it is now bed time...G’night! =)

PS: I’m kinda tired now, so hopefully this piece isn’t entirely void of sense! :P


  1. Nice post! Just a suggestion, it's a bit hard to read when the bulk of the posts are in italics. Sometimes simple is better. :)

    1. Thanks!
      ok I must have forgotten it was in italics...will try to have a look tomorrow! ;)