Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's Been a While...

Sorry, readers. :(
Here's a bit of a review of what I've been doing during my absence.

Bushwalk in Hunua with the homeschooled teens
Back row: Suz, Ruth, Marieke, Toby, Andrew
Front row: Bee, Essie, Becks, Ben, Dad, Jarrod

Bee, Ruth, Es
Our Bible Study celebrated its third birthday this year. The six of us went with two of our mums to Mission Bay for lunch, then to Kiwi-Yo and Savemart Onehunga. It turned out to be one of our not-so-photographic days, so I only have a few photos like the one above.

: : Celebrated Essie's 16th : :
: : Dad turned 50 : :
: : Celebrated Danielle's 10th birthday : :
: : Tried some cake design : :
This is a Mocha Layer Cake
: : Trip to the Martha Mine in Waihi : :
Tyres in top left photo are worth $20,000 each!!
Bottom right photo: I found a helmet tree!!! :P :P
Dad, Mum, and Laura went to Wellington for a couple of days
 so my dad's family could celebrate his birthday with him
: : Played with Monique's donut maker : :

How cute is this? Maria's three by the way. . .

: : My bro turned 14 :O :O  : :
: : Made this scarf for a charity : :           
: : Stayed with my cousins in Stratford when Dad and I went down for his cousin's funeral : :
: : Maria had Laura on her lap, but she'd slipped off by the time I got the camera : :

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