Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 6 ~ Saturday ~ Cathedral Cove

Written by and used with Danielle's (10yrs) permission

On Saturday, we went to Cathedral Cove. When we got there we looked for a parking space and there was a young couple that had just parked and were coming out when Dad asked them if they would move their van and so we could park next to where they had been and they could park behind us. They said yes so we could park there. It took ages and ages to get their van out from where they were parked. Soon we were parked and were very ready. We had lunch. A wasp went on my thumb when I was doing my sandwich; I got a fright and stayed in the van for the rest of my lunch. I got honey on my body board, so when I finished my lunch I cleaned it with a nappy wipe! Another car parked behind us and [the people] got ready to go. They took ages but we took ages longer! Finally we were ready and left.

It was a long walk especially with our body boards on our backs. I got ahead on my own and there was a group of men laughing that went past me, and I got scared, so I walked back to Mum and Dad. Bianca and Jarrod were ahead. Soon we got  there and we walked down so many step's that Mum's legs were shaking for days! When we got there we sat down and waited (not that we waited for anything, but...!) Some of us went over the other side of the tunnel. I think we chose the other side of it and we went to sit down. Bianca and Mum went to get changed in the long-drop toilet room.

When she came back we were in the water and playing. The water was clear and so I went into it. I like to see what is in the water so I don't stand on a crab or a starfish.

{And this isn't the end but she hasn't finished writing and I don't know if/when she will so I'm just postingit like this}

A cave we found at the far end

Had to get a pic to prove that I actually was in the water.
I know the water's not that deep here, but it's a nicer photo than the others :P


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