Monday, October 20, 2014

"Laura Had A Little Lamb"

So we need to work on our videography . . . and the best renditions always happen off camera, right? But here is a clip of Laura (now two years, nearly seven months) singing a spinoff of Mary Had A Little Lamb. Actually, I just remembered I posted another clip of the same song here, but in this one she does all the singing. Enjoy!

She's pretty good at holding a tune and her volume sure isn't lacking! Recently she was in the bike seat on the back of Mum's bike belting out Ode to Joy as the cyclists made their way around the block! She actually knows several tunes (or parts of them) including Ode to Joy, National Anthem, Botany Bay, Barney's I Love You, Amazing Grace . . . so hopefully I'll be uploading more clips in the future!

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