Thursday, January 29, 2015

Diana's Birthday Party || 9yrs || Part 1

So I meant to have these up *ages* ago, but left it in the hopes that the missing images would be found first. What happened was our [Mum's] memory card filled up half-way through the party and I allowed someone else to download them and clear the card. Then I'm ready to edit them and they're nowhere to be found. #nothappy Most of the images I captured of the card-making, including individual shots of each person with her card were in that first batch, along with various new background images, and {I think} more photos from Nana's visit to Auckland. (More on that in a future post.) *sigh* Fingers crossed they'll show up at some point . . . they don't seem to be in the recycle bin.

: : Plenty of outdoor play took place throughout the day. : :
Both Jarrod's homemade swings and the swing + bar/rings set were well enjoyed.

: : Since up is always better : :

: : Laura loved playing with Katie all day! : :

: : Aww... : :

: : It was so special to have Nana here for Diana's party, it had been several years since her last trip to Auckland! : :

: : Always a jam session with musicians around! : :

: : And Amelia has a turn : :

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