Thursday, May 07, 2015

Warren & Suzanne's Wedding || Part 2 {Reception}

Apologies for these first images; tbh I didn't think of getting the camera out until speeches, and the camera threw a fit with the lighting (a.k.a. lack thereof). Oh and I basically stayed where I was so you get to see everyone's heads :P lol

: : Speeches : :
Groom + one groomsman gave speeches
All bridesmaids spoke
Nice job you guys! :)

: : Cutting the cake : :
{Ruffles + burlap}

: : Wedding Favours : :

: : Handwritten signs everywhere #love : :
{FYI, sparkler sendoff ran on homeschool time ;)}

: : Burlap : :

: : Above the bridal table : :

: : Table arrangements : :
I baked 200 brownies for the afternoon tea and got to take one of these beauties home. #score

: : Bouquet : :
Lovin' those beads!

: : Photo booth : :
Call me weird, but the hay everywhere smelt so good . . . #countrygirlatheart

: : Pinecones + glitter : :

: : Another table arrangement : :

: : The best table there ;) : :
And because I'm so awesome I completely forgot to get photos of us at our table etc. #fail But our table was fun. You'll just have to take my word for it. Caught up with some old friends too which was awesome. Stuck around to help with the clean up, then headed home. Except I was giving a friend a ride home and McDonald's is distracting. #midnightsnackandconvo


  1. Those table arrangements are gorgeous! Beads, what a clever idea!

  2. IKR!! Was so awesome to have one at our place for a while. Too bad flowers die so quickly nowadays :/
    Yeah don't think I'd seen beads use like that before, so cool tho!

  3. First time commenting on your blog, ikr...
    Seriously, 200 brownies, how long did that take???

    1. Visiting from Xj's blog?
      Lol not that long actually, we have two big bowls so I used both at the same time and did one lot in the afternoon and one in the evening. :)

    2. Oh, I follow a few different blogs, Kayger's included. And I can remember I think it was you commenting on the OTLE blogs.
      Haha, right. You did well if you managed them in just two lots... I hate to think how long I would've taken!!!

    3. Ah yep ok. Yeah it was me :)
      Haha! Nah I like baking so it was fine.