Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Peer into the Past

Once again, we entered several history projects into the annual Peer into the Past. 
The actual day of the fair has changed somewhat for us since the early days. I didn't go until later in the morning with Dad, and Jarrod was working; the next four children actually entered projects.

: : Mrs. Rakete always organises a history presentation before prize giving. : :
This year Steve, a homeschool graduate (he entered a project into the first ever Peer into the Past eight or so years ago!) spoke about the Vikings. The costume featured above weighs about 40 kilos! 

: : Diana with her project on the American Flag : :

Photos from my iPhone since Mum forgot the camera, two projects missing since I only remembered to ask about the camera as everyone was packing up. Lol


  1. This looks really interesting!!! Do many people do exhibits?

    1. Yeah I think we had a record number of entries this year, 60 something or so. This one is just for the Manukau region and we had more entries than the fair for all of Auckland!

    2. Oh wow, that'd be pretty awesome! I've never even heard of it before :)

    3. Do you guys have a history fair? Peer into the Past is really just a fancy name for that haha. Auckland just has Auckland Home Educators' Annual History Fair or something. :)