Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 21} Koalas & Crocs

Oh look, finally a new post! ;P

: : Now to train my cats to sit so lovely and still for portraits . . . ! : : 

: : Doesn't look like the most comfortable position to me?! : :

: : Wouldn't mind one of those in my backyard : :
So cute and cuddly-looking ;)

: : Oh hey, I managed to get in one of the shots! : :

: : "Never Smile at a Crocodile : :
I'm sure he's laughing at us. Just a fence between him and lunch. 

: : Needless to say, we didn't try out our fence-climbing skills : :


  1. Why ever not though Bee? I'm sure your fence climbing skills would've been superb! ;)

    1. Hehe oi you ;P I was thinking how small and easy to climb they looked...and then I was like oh duh. Hopefully the crocs can't jump half as well from land as they can from water . . . :P

    2. Hahaha :P
      I see the zoo hasn't changed much though, the koalas were there when I went years ago...I wonder if any are the same, wonder how old they get... :)

    3. Oh really? I would have expected they would always be making changes lol. Yep that would be interesting; I did a quick search and their life expectancy is 13-18 years apparently. :)