Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Aussie Trip {Part 22} Showtime at the Crocoseum!

Figuring one of the main shows of the day should provide a fairly good introduction for our visit, we decided to do reference our maps and head for the Crocoseum. We found the contrast between Steve Irwin and these keepers humorous, if something of a shame. I would absolutely recommend going to the show if you're visiting the zoo, but better zoom lenses and faster shutter speeds would super helpful!

: : Hehe he doesn't look overly comfortable :P : :

: : Guys, he's ages away from you! : :

: : RUN! Hehe :P : :

: : So they had this screen playing old clips from Steve's TV show and such : :
BUT -- notice that little sign in the bottom left corner ;P ;P #daymade haha

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