Monday, February 20, 2017

Remember That Time

That time we wanted to do something fun but I had to work so we didn't have much time. And then the weather wasn't great. So we bought chips and chocolate and lollies and went for a drive up One Tree Hill. We looked in the old cottage and you found a "war room". Trying to pat the sheep that turned out not to be as tame as they first looked ;P Hanging and playing games with my little sibs. Bringing your friend Allison along to see us all. Forgetting to take photos. And then getting up at some crazy hour to get you on your flight back to Aus. Thinking we should make the most of our last few minutes together but being too tired to think lol. Deciding to get photos together and wishing we had remembered when we didn't look so tired . . . :P Thanks for your friendship, Bethany <3

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