Monday, February 01, 2010

Xmas day

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted for a while.
And, umm, i tryed to download my camera, and clicked the 'delete pictures off my device after copying' button, but for some reason there are blank thumbnails, NO IMAGES on the computer, and the photo's have been deleted off my camera. So there won't be any images on this post yet.

On Xmas day... I woke up (and got up) early about 8:45am, and had breakfast, finished the cheesecakes,etc. Yes, Uncle Pete, i did spend AGES doing my hair!!! (and i used 2 cans of hairspray - just joking!!)
Mum and Dad and everyone else came to Nana's for showers, etc.

I grabbed my camera, pressents, desserts, etc, etc, and we went to Aunty Melissa's.
We were sitting outside in the sun, and i got sunburnt. - again. Mum had bought my favourite chips - Thin Cut, Sour Cream and Chives (yyuuuuuuuummmmm!!), and corn chips.
Bryce was very worried about Jesse - Uncle Bill & Aunty Melissa's dog. I seem to have a pic of him with his bone:

Then the moment all the children had been waiting for - time to give and recieve pressents. I got some purfume (Revlon Pink Passion - I think) from Uncle Marty & Aunty Denise, $20 from Uncle Bill & Aunty Melissa, and $15 from Nana - oh, and a mini chocolate bar from Diana!! We didn't do the adult pressents, since Uncle Mike & Sonia weren't there.

Then lunch - 3 salads, BBQ'd Pork, Boiled Potato's, etc.

Then talking, playing, and some of the children got in the spa pool. Mum, Aunty Melissa, and I were standing outside it, and yes, we got splashed, or maybe drenched would be a more descriptive word?? :-)

We got the children out of the spa for dessert - Chocolate Mud cake, rasberry(?) cheesecake, pavlova (made by Nana), whipped cream, and ice cream. Which everyone enjoyed.

Then we just talked for most of the night.
Diana watched her new DVD - Little Einsteins- Animal Expidition.
We looked at Aunty Melissa's scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff, ate Chocolate Meatballs (Rum Balls) [When my cousin Harry (now 6) was younger, he called them chocolate meatballs, and the name stuck], Coconut ice, strawberries, potato chips, etc.

Dad's Aunty Cathy popped in with some other people - I can't remember exactly who maybe her daughter and grandchildren??

Mum and Dad went back to the cabin, and Aunty Melissa and Olivia (9/10) took Nana & me back to Nana's.

I think we got ready for bed, then MIGHT have watched a movie - while I was staying with Nana we watched Funny Face, Second-Hand Wedding, and the 1st & 2nd of the Anne of Green Gables DVD's, I'm writing that here since I can't remember what nights we watched them on, so i probably won't put anything on the other posts.


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