Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bike to Breakfast

Hi again!

Well, I can't be bothered writing anything new about Bike to Breakfast, so I'll just use an article I wrote for the Term 2 homeschool newsletter. =)

At approximately 7am on Wednesday February 17th, a group of homeschoolers met at the Rakete’s. The group consisted of the Rakete’s (obviously)!, Aiken’s, Crummer’s, Mrs Rakete’s Mum-Jill Hall-, a couple of the Rakete’s cousins, Irene and Bernie Corbett, my brother Jarrod and me.

To look more like a ‘group’ we all wore weet-bix t-shirts.

When everyone was ready (that didn’t take to long) we organised ourselves into two groups – the ‘fast group’, and the ‘slow group’- I was in the fast group. Then we left for Manukau City.

We rode around the car park while waiting for the ‘slow group.’ When they FINALLY(!!) arrived we all headed for the lawn by the ANZ.

There were very few people there, so we had plenty of room for throwing Frisbees (or hitting people with them because they didn’t really work as Frisbees!), using the ‘slap bracelets’ – orange reflective strip on top, black fabric on back, they’re about 40cm long, and look kinda like rulers. You hold them out straight, then hit someone (fairly hard) on the arm, and it wraps around them.

They had a sausage sizzle, hash browns, Nutri-grain, Weetbix, heaps of other cereals, tinned peaches, juice, milo, tea & coffee, and probably heaps more that I have forgotten!

We all (or most of us teens anyway!) thought their choice of music was .. hmm...interesting? They played Amazing Grace, and Silent Night!

Well anyway, we talked for a while, and did the afore-said activities!

We then took some photo’s and left.

My brother and I had to bike home from the Rakete’s, and we got absolutely SATURATED!!!

However, despite the rain, it was an experience that I believe was greatly enjoyed by all.

Back from left: Rueben Rakete, Mrs Rakete, Joel Aiken, Caleb Rakete, Irene Corbett, Reagen Crummer, Alan Aiken, Miriama Rakete, Bianca Jago
Front from left: Mrs Aiken, Danielle Aiken, ?, Cleo Crummer, Bernice Corbett, ?, Jarrod Jago, Jessemae Aiken, Timothy Aiken, ? Abigail Rakete, ?, Katie Joy Aiken
Ok, well I think I got those names correct! Hope I did...


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