Thursday, August 26, 2010

Communion weekend at church


Sorry I haven't posted in AGES, we had no internet for a while (my guinea pig ate through one of the cords!), and then it decided to stop working completely - ie. we'd push the button to turn it on but nothing would happen. But now it's working again, so I'm gonna post. =)

Well, twice a year our church has what they call 'communion,' and people from all over NZ, and some from overseas come for it.
All my Mum's uncles and auntys come as well, and that is about the only time we see them.
So we had Mum's Uncle Joh (short for Johannes), and Aunty Jean over for dinner one night.

Neither pic is very good, but since at leaset one person is  missing in each, I'll give you both.

Kinda a short post, but it's a start anyway...


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