Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 January to 4 February

Hi again!

Sunday we had the main communion service, so it started at 11am, and didn't finish until about 1:30/2pm.
When we got home (I think) we had roast chicken (made by Chef Uncle Pete!).
And church again at 7.

Monday was a public holiday, so after church we went to Omana Regional Park with our cousins, and Anne Roos and her brothers - Auke and Dieuwe whom we picked up, for a bbq. After the EVENTUALLY eating, the others played soccer (while I sat in the car txting!), then we all played cricket.
Then it was home time.

That night (after the others had been put to bed), we got all Bethany's stuff together and packed it; while watching Ever After.
And Tuesday morning we got up just before 5am (or I did, I think the others got up earlier!)  and took Bethany to the airport, to check in by 5:30! Since we got there later than we had planned, we missed out on breakfast at McDonald's =( ah well.
Yes, when we got home I did go back to bed, and woke up to Mum saying "oh no, you've got a flute lesson in five minutes..what shall I do?...*thinking*..I better ring your teacher.." That would've been at 10:55, but I went back to sleep, and when I got up later, found out that my flute lesson had been changed to 4pm...which was good cos I was wide awake by then, and was able to play much better than I otherwise would have.
Then that night at 5:30 we had athletics YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!! lol
Wednesday was spent at home, and that night we went to church cos we had a minister over from Aussie.
Thursday was the Auckland Home Educators' Not-Back-To-School picnic at Cornwall Park.
One of my friends, along with some of her siblings and two of their friends brought their instruments and played some music for us. Thanks Wilsons and Campbells =)
And I saw a couple of other people who I hadn't seen for AGES, which was really nice.
The Scavenger Hunt was pretty cool too.
Friday...ummm... another day at home I 'spose, most likely preparing for school and tidying up.

Okay I'm gonna leave it at that for this post.

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