Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Week...Part 2


Thursday we did our friends the Rakete's paper run, as they were also at the tramp, then the others went to Drury Christian School for Monique's violin lesson, and Danielle's recorder lesson (both for the first time), then to Dad's work, while I (once again!) did school work.

Friday we went to my orthodontist appointment at 11:45, which is why my teeth are so sore now, I had thicker wires put on, power chain, and rubber bands going from top to bottom on both sides of my mouth ouch! =)

Then to the Warehouse, where we sat in the car, well I did anyway, Jarrod took the street surfer/s-board/ripstick onto the footpath, terrorised the others, and...well suffice it to say that by the time Mum came back, their were a few screaming children, and most of them jumped out of the car to go see her (when they know they must stay IN the car!)

After a llllloooooonnnnnnnggggggg lunch, Mum took the others to do the Rakete's paper run again, so I some un-interrupted time to concentrate on school work.

And today..we had GKGW (Growing Kids God's Way) course, along with another very exhausting childrens program, which was organised by John Sonneveld - cousin to my friends. This week they learnt about the Good Shepherd, the memory verse being "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want." Psalm 23 v 1.
The first craft - glueing a fabric cloak to a piece of paper, and drawing details like the head, arms, legs, clouds, sky, grass, etc...and sheep. They had three cotton wool balls they split in half and stuck on to the sheep.
And the colouring picture was of a shepherd with a sheep.

And teeth were too sore to eat the Lamb cassorole that Mum made, so I had scrambled eggs, and will have a cup o' soup soon.

And Dad and Uncle Pete have been to work for a few hours, and just got home.

I've also been reading a book caled "How To Stop Your Kids From Going Broke" by Sylvia Bowden. Although I didn't hear her, she spoke at the Brain Conference I went to early last year.
It's a really good book!


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