Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bike to Breakfast

Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while...

Well, anyway, on the 15th of February a group of us homeschoolers (only Jarrod and me from our family) (homeschoolers are awesome, by the way =)lol) met at the Rakete's house (at 7am... =(  )and we all rode to Manukau City together, for Bike to Breakfast...basically you ride there (all the way from the carpark in one family's case lol!...) and they give you free food!! =) [oh and this year-free (thin though) backpacks with various things like punture repair kit, slap-band, drink bottle, etc in them] This year they had various cereals, yoghurt, scones, muffins, fruit, and possible a couple of other things..sorry  can't remember... AND...they had a coffee van!!! Unfortunately they weren't able to supply Esther's Cappamochahotchocolate (pronounced Cappa-mocha-hot-chocolate!), so we all decided hot chocolates would be ok instead. =)

After most of us had finished eating, one of the people running it asked to take a photo of us, so we all got on the grass with our bikes (shhh, don't tell, we might get in trouble!! lol) for photo 1, then photo 2 was all the girls, and last of all, photo 3 was the guys, which seeing as I obviously wasn't in it, I got a photo of (after the main photo had been taken, that's why there's a couple of other people in it =) ) -

And, no, us girls weren't showing off like this in our photo!

The clown in the above pic (Jingles I think his name was), had brought along some unusual bikes - a large unicycle, a very small unicycle, and another one that i won't try to explain, so you'll have to wait for the photos - I'll point it out in one of them =)
Jingles also juggled fire and knives. Some pics:
Juggling Fire

Alan blows out the fire-sticks (unfortunately for him it was
a losing battle, as 2 were always lit!)
Alan prepares to eat fire!
View these two pics together - say goodbye to your hand, Alan!
Juggling knives
Nice juggling Mark! =) ok, ok, he was pretty good,
but this pic is
Sometime later (after the organisers had left!) we all went back to the Rakete's, where Jarrod's bike tube was changed as it had a puncture - check back again soon as I will try to get a picture of this!
And J and I arrived home about 10am, tired, and not at all feeling like doing school work!

Well dinner's ready, so I better go...

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  1. Thanks for the update.
    Looking forward in seeing the other pics :)