Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspire 2011 - Part 1

Ok so I havn't posted in AGES (sorry everyone..), and Inspire was ..let's February..! So I'm not sure how much I'll be able to remember, but I'll have a crack at it anyway...

So on Friday 16th Feb, Anne Roos picked me up (Thanks!) and we went to the Sonnevelds,' where we had pizza before six of us girls (Anne Roos, Suzanne, Ruth, Esther, Emma Fussel and I) left for Ngaruawahia ,where we were all attending Inspire Girls Camp for the first time.
About 5 we stopped at McD's for dinner, before continuing on to the camp where we registered, found and set up our room, and said hi to the many people we knew.

Finally it was time to head to the main hall for the welcome, games, and a talk from Alana Dixon (recently married) about dating, courtship, and doing relationships God's way. Alana has a great sense-of-humour, and I'd be surprised if there was anyone who hadn't laughed by the end of her talk!

Then we watched a movie called Saving Sarah Cain before going to bed...where we talked/txt (*grin*) for ages...!

Sorry this post is kinda short, but the next one is really long to make up for it =)

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  1. Boaring!!!! need to do something more exciting