Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inspire 2011 - Part 2

Don't ask me why, but someone decided to wake up early on Saturday... =(
Nevertheless, after everyone had done each others hair, we still managed to go down to breakfast a little too late, resulting in being split up at the tables. The pancakes were good though =D

Then were chores (who on earth came up with that idea??? I mean, we do chores at home all the time, and then when we have a weekend away, we have to do more?!?) before the first speaker at 9:30.

10:30 was morning tea, then at 11 were the mini-topics - Purity (Kelly Abernethy), a Personal testimony (Kadesh [sorry I don't know her last name!]), and Missions (???).

Lunch - filled rolls - at 12:30, and 1:30 was craft (which we all opted out of) and free time. Everyone else wanted to go swimming, so I went along as photographer:

They wanted a photo with all of them jumping in together, my camera didn't seem to like that idea, here's one just after they've jumped in (obviously..)

This one's a little better though..

They also decided to have a go on the pedal boats:

Well until the next group came along wearing life jackets anyway...!

Here are a couple more pics of the lake, isn't it beautiful?

The rest of our free time was spent talking, looking at the books, jewellery/buttons for purchase, choosing bracelets and viewing the table set up by a volunteer from 'Voice for Life' (if I remember correctly anyway!).

4 o'clock was the next speaker - Lois Jordan on Actively pursuing Godly growth in your relationship with God, your family and others.

5 o'clock - Dinner time! We had butter chicken and heaps of other stuff yum!! And dessert.

At 7pm the evening session started with a Q & A Panel;
Then a talent show. I would love to show some pics of this, but my uncle has put them all on an external hardrive, and I don't know how to access them yet, so you'll just have to wait patiently for them! =)

After supper we had free time again as the evening session had finished early, so we just sat and talked until my dad came to pick up Anne Roos and I. Then, with a slight deviation to McDonald's, we dropped Anne Roos off, and came home. Exuasted. And that was the end of Inspire 2011 for me! Can't wait till next year...! =D

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