Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dargaville Holiday Post #4 - Quad Biking

Written 28/4/11

On Thursday I got up early, well, earlier I suppose!
And we went to Baylys Beach, where we hired a 2-seater quad bike for an hour. Unfortunately you had to have you drivers license to ride them yourself, and Dad had signed something to say that he would be on it the whole time, so first he took as all for a ride on the back, then he let some of us older ones dsit on the front and have a go at 'driving' it, which is definately more fun! Although someone seriously needs to tell my Dad that going fast is half the fun!

Yeah, this is me

Maria enjoys the beach

Mum and Dad. Isn't the beach beautiful?

An up-close view of the bike, with Monique (then 9) and Dad on it

Look at all the tacks we made!

I think this was definately better at the time, but
I think the video is still cool!
Caution: If you are the owner of this vehicle,
you might not want to see this! =D

As it was already late afternoon, we just went back to the unit for dinner, and I managed to motivate myself to do some of the review I was up to in Writing & Grammar, yes, I actually took school work with me! lol
Later on we went for a walk, and ended up watching a pipe band finish their practice - probably in preperation for Anzac Day.

<3 Bee

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