Saturday, August 13, 2011

Your turn!

Well, I'm doing all the blogging at the moment..but here's your turn!
I would love to know who all my readers are, so, would you please comment with ...

  1. Your name,

  2. Where you are in the world,

  3. Your age catagory - 12 or under, 13 - 19, 20 - 30, 40 - 50, 50 + (optional!)

  4. Your hobbies!

  5. Something/s you would like me to post about?



  1. 1) well you should know that by now :P
    2) actually I think at the moment I'm in South Korea :)
    3) 50+ duh!!
    4) umm, writing, politics, creation vs evolution, umm I guess thats it.
    5) I dunno :P

    <3 beth

  2. Hey Bee!

    Ruth :)

    In NZ! I'm 16 :)

    sports, scrapbooking. i like hanging out with friends (but that's not a hobby :D)

    Anything with pics are always great! lol but not sure what else..

  3. Anne Roos :D the awesomeTuesday, August 16, 2011 8:30:00 pm

    1. Anne Roos the awesome ;)
    2. Otara ;) jks manukau or wateva and im pretty sure im in New Zealand :D
    3. i was goin 2 say 50+ but yea lyin is bad ;) so yea 13-19 :)
    4.well being awesome is probably my favourite hobby (it takes a lot of effort u know ;) ) and u know the usual chillin with mates, and txtn , and goin on the pc and of course reading ur blog ;) (wow that was long! :) )
    5.well maybe abt me being the best person eva!!! :D :D xx

    guess u knew most of these things but hey i jst needed 2 remind u of my awesomeness :D :D xx

  4. Hello Bianca, I check your blog every week just to keep up with what you are up to. I enjoy reading about what you write, Love Uncle Mike

  5. miriama
    16 :)
    sports, crafts, hanging with friends
    not sure???

  6. My name is : Creepy old guy.
    Where do I live : At the computer addicted to reading your blog.
    Age : 50 +
    Hobbies : Stalking you.
    Anything else to post? : Everything.