Monday, December 12, 2011

Athletics Prizegiving

Just quickly, here are some pics from Athletics prizegiving, for the season of 2010-2011.
I helped with lining up children and taking them around to the back door, and on to the stage when it was their turn. That is sooo difficult when no one listens to you..oh well, I was rescued when that happened so anyway shouldn't complain I spose.. ok and then after they've been presented with their awards you have to help them (mostly the younger ones) go out the right door and have their photo taken.

Diana being presented with her certificate and trophies. Can you see that
everyone just thinks she's the cutest?!? lol ok maybe I am a bit biased.. =D

Diana tries to balance all her trophies! ( She recieved three; one of which was the 'Champion of Champions')

Middy and me with our certificates et cetera
(I was the only one in my age group, hence all the!)
After all of this had finished we all lined up for free food...yumm!!! =D

We've all had a good laugh about this: it was the first prize-giving we were able to attend, Danielle and I had won one trophy each from past years, and Mum thought the irony of it all would be the one year we attended prize-giving we wouldn't win anything...we came home with six (I think) trophies in!

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