Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Day After New Years Day ~ Part 2

Hey again everyone =)

So to get straight into it...We arrived home late in the afternoon, and a bit tired. Instead of relaxing, however, we began preparations for a New-Year-barbeque at my cousins' place.

Playing a game - I know there must be a name for this, but I forget
what it is. (Sorry!) So basically we picked the name of a book, movie, etc,
drew a dash for each letter of the title, and began drawing a picture on the chalk
board, which helped everyone guess the title. Hope that makes some sense...I'm really tired!

Here is Monique's (10yrs) picture, sorry I don't remember what the title was.

Diana (6yrs), Megan (5yrs), and Bryce (4yrs) enjoying their desserts. =)

My cousin Megan
 Okay so this isn't exactly a massive long report like I would have liked, but hey, you got to see some pics anyway =) lol

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