Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun Run 2012

Every athletics season our club holds a 'fun run' as a fund raiser. The athletes run as many laps as they can around the track in one hour. And well yeah, I kinda didn't do it this season!! But hey, I got heaps of photos instead :P Enjoy!

Grouping up around the start line

Middy, Mrs. Rakete, and Mrs. Bennet marking people.
The athletes get a mark each time the cross the start/finish line;
at the end of the night, the marks are counted to determine the
number of laps the athletes have run.

Katie (8) and Amy (7)

Bryce (4)

Joanna (4)

oops..she saw me! Danielle (5)

ok, so maybe instead of asking her to pose,
I should take a photo when she isn't looking?!?hehe
cute tho, right? lol

Joel and Essie

Mackenzie (4) and Matti run the sausage sizzle
  After we arrived home for our awesome night at athletics, our neighbour Melissa dropped these in:

 Yes, they were delicious!!!

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