Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 3 ~ Wednesday ~ Fishing

Wednesday started out a beautiful sunny day. Dad decided we should go down to the i-site before lunch; we took the car down and I parked up ‘round the corner with my laptop to make use of Telecom’s free wi-fi. Lol.

Back at the camp we searched the fridge (no kidding, we actually have one in our tent! :P), chilly bin, and several boxes to find food for lunch. (Yep, organisation around here is lacking a bit.) Afterwards I took a chemistry test (from Dr. Wile’s textbook :)), dictation from some of the little ones for their diaries, and photos {for my blog}. And I read a bit from my book – Generation Change by Zach Hunter.

Since we hadn’t managed any ‘activity’ that afternoon (it got a bit late after the others had been in the camp pool), Dad said we should all go fishing. Well, that was his plan. I went ‘fishing’ with my laptop (excellent internet connectivity – woohoo!! Lol) sitting at one of the picnic tables on the waterfront. Hehe :P We got back around 11pm and Maria and Laura weren’t so happy. Maybe that’s why the people in the tent across from us only stayed one night . . . haha

: : Bryce and Maria : :

We don't have any great photos of this,  but you can see a few lights and things in this one.

: : Monique with here catch : :

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