Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 4 ~ Thursday ~ Hot Water Beach

On Thursday we left the campground later than planned, because Mum put a load of washing through the machine and hung it out to dry. {Good time to do school work I reckon!} When we did manage to leave, we headed for Hot Water Beach. From here in Whitianga, it’s quite a drive to get anywhere, so I’m getting lots of practice on open roads! Lol I should be able to pass the restricted test with no trouble when I get back!!

At the beach, we had to walk for ages to get to the ‘hot’ part, by a rock. Finally there, Mum and Dad started asking other people if they had hot or cold water in their holes. They finally dug a hole; then sat building sand walls in an attempt to protect themselves from the flow of HOT water!

After an hour or two there we made the trek to the cars again, got afternoon tea, and came back to the campground to make dinner. Mum made fried paprika chicken, with fried potatoes, and Dad cooked the fish Monique caught the night before. Over dinner, Mum told Monique she had to eat the rest of the chicken on here drumstick; she said she couldn’t get it off, so several of us pitched in with helpful advice on how to eat it. When told to pick it up, she commented that she wasn’t an animal. Bryce replied, “Monique, you said we’re not animals, but we’re kiwis!!” Hehe, gotta love five-year-old logic!


  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday adventures. I wonder how long the home baking lasted.

    1. No worries :) Hopefully there will be more posts and some photos soon. Back into school work and activities now though and they're keeping me busy! :)
      Actually the baking lasted surprisingly well, we still had muffins to eat on the drive home!