Monday, March 30, 2015

Jago Children || Portraits {December 2014}

Late last year I bought a voucher for a personalised calendar, and I wanted to put photos of our family in it for Nana. First, though, I had to organise a shoot. We spent a couple of hours down at the Botanic Gardens and came up with these. 

: : Can you spot Laura?! : :

: : When I told him to lie down here I didn't think to look at the grass first . . . : :
believe it or not he's actually rolling around and making faces because there were prickles here!


  1. gorgeous photos...but I think there is a girl missing...perhaps you?! Selfies?? ;)

  2. lol yeah I know aye . . . need to find some photographer-friends :P Mum's camera is too big for good selfies :P and you've seen the other ones that look awful which I took on Monique's camera haha. have to wait until I get my Galaxy with a secondary camera :P ;)