Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nana's Visit

: : Bedtime snuggles. Pretty sure we have similar photos somewhere of me when I was this young! : :

: : Aww : :

: : Watching movies {Little House on the Prairie} . . . super exciting for the little ones who aren't normally allowed much screen time! : :

: : The new use for camping-stretcher bags ;) : :

: : Auckland Town Hall Organ : :
One Friday night a free concert was offered so Nana, Mum, Monique, Diana and I headed in to the City for it.
{Dad, Jarrod, Danielle, and Bryce were on an overnight camp and Maria & Laura got to spend a few hours with Aunty Yvonne and Maddie!}

: : At the concert. Sorry, borrowing Monique's camera and not used to it so I look seriously awkward :P : :
When I was little, Nana and Grandad often took me out for lunch when we were in Wellington (or they were visiting Auckland), and now that I've got my licence it was my turn to take Nana out. :) Hooray for The Coffee Club ;) haha

: : Starting my own hashtag #awkwardselfies haha : :

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