Friday, June 19, 2015

Extended Family Dinner

The night before the wedding (the wedding eve?) Uncle Richard generously shouted us all to dinner at Valentines. (Someone please convince Lone Star to accept barter card ;))

: : Adult table : :

: : Cutie : :

: : Uncle Richard and Grace : :

: : Uncle Simon, Danielle, Rita, Aunty Dee : :

: : First time in about 19 years that all five siblings have been together! : :

: : Group shot : :
{Sorry, not typing out all those names right now}


  1. You don't look all that short in that last shot Bee! :)

    1. Thanks lol :P so the heels were high enough aye? haha :P

    2. And a cool colour! They're much higher than what I would usually wear, I would probably stick to about half that height :P

    3. Thanks I thought the colour was pretty cool, a change from my traditional black anyways lol ;) yeah lol I had to learn to walk in them at first :P Now I have higher