Monday, June 22, 2015

Uncle Pete & Aunty Louise's Wedding || Set I {Ceremony}

Finally, time for outfit planning and shopping had ended; the long-awaited day had arrived. The day Louise would become our aunty. The day the last of my parents' siblings would tie the knot (The last one on Dad's side married last year). 

{Photos courtesy of my mum since she wouldn't give up her camera :P}

{See the official photos here}
: : On our way : :
{An excited bunch, aren't we?! Oh dear.}

: :  The Groom +his men : :

{Note to future couples: A longer aisle would make it easier to get get photos on a slow camera like ours. Just saying :P}

: : Loving all that lace! : :

: : Purple + Baby's Breath. Great combo. : :

: : Bride's father : :

: : And Mum's turn : :

: : And the pastor's signing. No turning back now! haha : :


  1. Wow, you all certainly look excited :D

  2. Hey!
    Thanks for the mention - cool photos!
    Sam xo [Wild Oak Co]

    1. Hey Sam!
      No worries -- you did a really good job!! Aw thanks for reading :)