Thursday, June 08, 2017

A House on a Truck

We knew the section was being cleared and the house made ready for removal. Updates of its progress were provided fairly regularly by family members who passed by and took note of the happenings. Finally, late one night we were notified that the day of the house's departure had arrived! In no great style we arrived at the location, camera in hand, to witness the occasion and learn more about this kind of work, what actually happens, how it all works.

: : The main part of the house was taken away on one truck (as shown) : :
And a smaller piece had been cut off and was transported separately on another truck (side)

It was interesting to see it moved--the trucks pulled away rather slowly, with workmen running back and forth checking that the house was okay and wasn't going to hit anything. It was the entire width of the road, so the house had to be raised to pass over the top of cars parked along the side.


  1. Oooh, house transportation is so much fun! Its also incredible to watch aye? I must say, my most exciting house-transportation moment was on our road, narrow, gravel, all that, with a rather large house on a truck, meeting a stock truck and trailer. The stock truck was going down the hill, and just couldn't reverse back up about to the nearest place wide enough to pass, so we had to get our bulldozer, hook it to the trailer to steer it, pull everything back to a wide section of road (which was around 4km away, I might add) and let the house past. So much fun.

    1. Yes, this was the first time I had seen it and I must admit it was fun to watch! Oh woooowww that would've been an experience, for sure.