Monday, June 26, 2017

Dinner at the Gardens

We took Monique's portraits (see here) one evening around dinner time; if we had dinner first and then went for photos it would be too dark, but if we got photos first and then came home for dinner it was going to get really late. So I figured some of us could go for the shoot, and the others could pick up dinner and meet us at the gardens, oh and then I was planning to walk afterwards. That was my grand plan for getting everything to happen, and at fairly reasonable times ;) The walk ended up being pretty short, but apart from that I think everything worked out :)

: : I think they were cold : :

: : Somebody didn't get a tan all summer . . . ;P : :
#firstworldproblems #whitepeopleproblems

: : Bryce takes every opportunity to kick a soccer ball around ;) : :

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