Tuesday, January 11, 2011

26th --Boxing Day--

On Boxing Day, Dad went to the zoo with Uncle Bill, Aunty Melissa, Olivia, Harry, Aunty Sonia and Lucus.
Since it was a Sunday, Mum played a sermon on tape, and we basically did church at 'home' - the lounge in the backpacker hostel.
This isn't a particularly great picture of the lounge, but its
about the best I've got, there are more couches and chairs to
the left.
After lunch Mum decided we should go for a walk through the bush, to which there was an entry about 200m from the windows you can see in the above photo.

The walk turned into a run for some of the children, as they tried to find the best spot for a photo of them.

Just as we were leaving the bush, Dad arrived back.
Dad said we would go to Uncle Mike and Aunty Sonia's for dinner, along with the rest of the extended family.
So Mum organised afternoon tea and we got ready to go.

For dinner and dessert we had a bbq, leftovers from the day before, and someone had made a couple of jellies.
We all talked late that night, and were quite tired when we got back to the campground.

Ok, I can't seem to upload any more photos at the moment, but keep an eye out cos I will put some on when I can.

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